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Prospective parents have the right to be offered and to access appropriate care pathways at key decision points, including the choice to undertake prenatal testing, receive genetic counselling and the option to connect with condition-specific support groups.

This project aims to provide evidence-based information supporting prospective parents and healthcare professionals through the prenatal screening process to make informed decisions about prenatal screening and, where relevant, the future of their pregnancy.

Research has shown that prenatal screening is not always presented as a choice to prospective parents (Lafarge et al, 2022; Down Syndrome Australia, 2021; Valentin et al, 2019). Prospective parents are often provided minimal information about screening including the conditions screened for and the decisions they may be required to make following a high-chance screening result.

Through this site, we hope to improve outcomes in this space.

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Down Syndrome Queensland provides professional, non-directive support to people following high-chance screening results and / or a confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome. Secondary consultation is also available for any healthcare professional, community service, carer or family member supporting someone who has received unexpected news about their pregnancy.

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Queensland Health provides a range of services aimed at achieving good health and well-being for all Queenslanders.

Down Syndrome Australia

The Down Syndrome Federation is made up of State and Territory associations providing support, information and resources to people with Down syndrome and their families across the country.

Healthdirect Australia

Our work appears on the Healthdirect Australia site https://www.healthdirect.gov.au .

Tell it Right Campaign Down Syndrome Association UK

Tell It Right aims to provide information about Down syndrome that is balanced, accurate and up-to-date.

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (USA based)

This network provides information, support and resources to patients and healthcare professionals from the prenatal period through to a child turning three.

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Have you received unexpected news following prenatal screening or simply need advice about your options?

Support through the Down Syndrome Queensland support service is available for any prospective parent, healthcare professional, community service, carer or family members supporting someone who has received unexpected news about their pregnancy.

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